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Agora – Meaningful virtual and hybrid experiences they’ll talk about

Social experience platform & event design solutions to support engaging, purpose-driven, and meaningful interactions with flexibility, creativity, impact, and ease!

Flexible, modular and scalable virtual platform to fit a variety of events

Event organizers can:

  • Create thoughtful spaces to foster meaningful connections between audience members
  • Reduce risk & uncertainty
  • Stay ecological & economical
  • Customize the virtual space with branding, sponsorship, and venue map
  • Turnkey solution (we can take care of tech support, artists, hosting, etc)
  • Create high level of engagement with purpose driven experience design, leveraging:
    • Gamification
    • Live performance
    • Distance installations
    • Immersive theatre
    • Hybrid experiences
    • And much more

Guests can:

  • Network and socialize in small groups over live video
  • Lock a spare room to connect one-on-one in private.
  • See where each audience member is located
  • Move freely between small group discussions.
  • Sit at a private virtual table while enjoying a shared experience on stage
  • Watch keynote presentations & participate in a live video Q&A
  • Send private and group chat messages

Presenters can:

  • Leverage recorded video to setup expectations, mood, or experiences at scale
  • Create interactive video Q&A discussions with audience members
  • Use virtual backstage to prepare and connect with others speakers
  • View where each audience member is located
  • Move (teleport) audience members between spaces as needed
  • etc etc

An Online Social Experience

We created a platform to create meaningful online social experiences by addressing 2 key needs:

  1. Support of individual free agency allows for active participant engagement
  2. Flexible platform structure supports a range of narrative experiences to create purpose-driven and meaningful interactions.

Our platform focuses on the spontaneity of the connections. In this virtual space, people can interact with smaller, fluid groups of people, like in real life.

Social interactions as a medium to create connections, meaning, transformation.

We design interactions that create the conditions for your objective, from social networking to sparking creativity to transformation.

Inuitive, Fluid Social Journeys

Social experience – Networking event, party, get together…

Fluid, spontaneous exchanges!

Hosts, performers, experts

From truly interactive performing arts to engaging conferences

Hybrid Events – Congress, Physical venues (bars, social clubs), festivals…

The physical venue has “portals” in key places, that connect to their counterparts in the virtual world offering a hybrid experience.

Going Beyond – Immersive Theatre, Participative Experiences…

The audience becomes an active participant of the narrative, where their decisions and actions affect the narrative arc that they will experience.

A mix of “Immersive theater”, “build your own adventure” and “escape room”.

Gathering Spaces – Connecting Communities.

All communities have gatherings spaces in real life, where people meet and have spontaneous connections. Our platform allows to bring these interactions to the virtual world.

Beyond that, our platform allows to connect communities beyond the physical world limitations.

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